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Option 1. WHAT is the Ideal Network WORTH to ME???? - - Make any donation amount you are comfort giving to the cause... Send from your Paypal account, any donation amount you'd like to give to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Option 2. Made a regular $25. monthly donation as Pay It Forward Gratitude Gift using the Paypal button...

BEING a Supporting Member does what is known as having enough "SKIN in the game"... having sufficient "vested-interest"... to DO actions required to protect and promote the cause...


  • Ideal Solutions Educare Email Series - Presents Universal Laws & Predictable Constants. - - (MUST KNOW information for creating and sustaining IDEAL conditions.) - - To begin receiving this valuable knowledge, use Option 1 or 2... Site moderator will unlock this option in the Member Area.. Then after LogIn to your affiliate URL, click on "Supporter" in Menu - Fill in Educare Series FORM and Submit.
  • Live Interactive IN Dialogs.
  • Access to Ideal Network Subdomains for Communities and Interests... Like the Global Interests site in THIS Hot Link... Post about YOUR interests and activities in Ideal Community Forums, and interact using various functions within IN Subdomains that are interest to you.... There will be literally thousands of IN sub-domains, so you'll never get "bored" from exploring the wonders people can create when empowered to do so. _ EACH sub-domain requires Registering AT THAT sub-domain to participate in Forum or any other services related to that sub-domain.... You learn about IN sub-domains from participating with IN Dialogs and reading IN Email Newsletter.
  • Coaching for Identifying and Developing Profitable Niches and Community Services. - Sustainable Living requires creating more than is consumed.
  • Apprenticeships in many areas - These connect already established businesses with new entry-level participants eager to learn skills DIRECT FROM already Skilled Artisans. - Learn ideals then Teach ideals. - This solves the greatest current problem - plenty of jobs and plenty of workers BUT NO way to efficiently connect them! - Employers HIRE then train their way. - Also many will discover the wisdom of revenue-sharing cooperative ventures where the workers are Co-OWNERS and get paid according the profits generated; thus there are vested-interest to do the best work with the less waste and no sticky-fingerness.
  • Sustain Personal Power of Enthusiasm (I Am Sold Myself) from personally contributing resources to the "cause".
  • Acquire ever-more Wisdom about being Ideals Seed Planter and Ideals Cultivator.
  • Receive expanded access to components within the replicated website created at the FREE Ideal Affiliate level.
  • Free Audit of Many Courses.
  • NOTE: Paid Memberships in Internet Niche Lab and/or the NeoThink Society may be used as a qualifier for Ideal Network Supporting Membership... Just let us know you are members... Click Here for Purchase of Internet Niche Lab - - - Click here for Purchase of Daily NeoThink® TeleConference Meetings

    Click on the above hot-link, then click "Meetings" ad on the Internet site that opens in a new tab... Also while at that URL click on the "HOME" button in the top Right and read the "Nugget"... This first project is the STRAIGHT LINE to accessing the WISDOM for having an IDEAL LifeStyle and all other forms of wealth, including Ideal Families and Ideal Communities!

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