Ideal Network Mentor

Ideal Mentor Combination

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Consultant, and Coach

  • Commissionable $100.00 monthly Fee for Obtaining Ideal Network Mentor and Coach Certification
  • $50.00 paid to Sponsor for mentoring services.
  • $25.00 is paid to Sponsor's Sponsor for mentoring services.
  • $25.00 is paid to Ideal Internet Academy.
  • Courses for achieving and sustaining Ideal Consultant, Coaching, and Mentor Skills and Certification.
  • Must sustain monthly "Pay It Forward Givers" donation.
  • Qualifies to be Ideal Network Developer.

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The Ideal Mentor level is designed for individuals who are serious about a profitable vocation in Inspiring, Motivating, Mentoring, Coaching, and Tutoring OTHERS in developing ever-better skills for BEING and DOING the actions that enable HAVING Ideal Conditions in ALL areas of our life-expressions... This is BOTH for work in CyberSpace and LOCAL Face to Face...

The Ideal Mentor level is also the level that provides "Experiential Learning" to BE Ideal Developers to facilitate LOCAL COMMUNITY IDEALS in local interactions with focus on GREEN family-owned-operated agriculture enterprises, free-fair market capitalist commerce, and representative politics.

Courses within the Ideal Academy provide this valuable Financial Education which includes Universal Laws and Predictable Constants as applied in Consent of Governed Principles within a Democratic Compound Republic Constitutional Form of Government. ... i.e. Individuals are sovereign who form Families, that form Townships, that form Counties, that form States, all working within a Universal Ideal Framework... When all functions ideally at the individual and local levels, there is little to be done at the other levels within the universal framework.