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  • Commissionable $25.00 monthly Fee for Entrepreneur Participation Course (in addition to monthly "Pay It Forward Givers" donation)...
  • From this course fee $10.00 is paid to Sponsor for mentoring services.
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  • $5.00 is paid to Ideal Academy for course participation fee.

This Ideal Network referral/affiliate/membership structure is a 2 level affiliate system that provides 3 support levels immediately and directly interested, plus financially vested, in each Entrepreneur's success. Individuals in roles as Entrepreneurs and Investors working together create ever-better conditions from the projects that individuals design and implement. Together we are applying common sense to build freedom and fortunes for creating and trading values.

Building Freedom and Fortunes is made easy using the FIRST Project in the Ideal Entrepreneur COURSE in the Ideal Network Internet Academy. - The fastest method to get on this FAST Track is by using the Ideal and Youmongus Ad Networks system. The FREE ad posting is on FREE Members Section. - - Get data on this next element and begin it at:


To learn WHY this project earned TOP billing and is vital to be in your toolbox, read on...

Entrepreneurs are natural Investors who recognize the values from private enterprises being done in cooperative team-working; often termed as "Joint Ventures"... Being IN business FOR self, but NOT BY yourself... TEAM = Together Everybody Achieves More.... You win, I win, We all win from playing Nice-Nice-Nice in our "sand-boxes"... We often refer to this as "Cooperatively playing Nice Nice in our Sandboxes". This analogy is patterned after the "sand-box playing" we did as children and where we learned how to play together nicely... I do NOT throw sand at you, in hopes you will not throw sand at me... Home and family ARE the first Economic Learning Centers... IF home and family teach and practice sound and high Return On Investments then the knowledge and skills are learned; if not then sound economic principles and methods must be learned someplace else. Unfortunately since 1913 USA government schools have been used as an organzed effort to prevent accurate economic knowledge from be learned or applied. The mantra is "Get an Eduation then Get a Job." -- There are some VITAL KEY missing factors, such as: WHO is going to create the jobs? WHO is going to match workers with the needed and available jobs?..

By taking these sandbox and home as first business analogies forward into our adult relationships we have a memory-jogger to keep us pointed toward ideal harmonic and value productive interactions. As self-care enabled and self-responsible adults we don't need a parent or Big Brother Gov-gang forcing specious do no harm strangling regulations upon our daily activities. We know that people will only buy our products and services IF they are quality and safe... Word Of Mouth (WOMbatting) is the BEST commodity safety police force.

The first objective within the Ideal Network is offering "nice-nice sand-box opportunities" for Joint Ventures high ROI (Return on Investments) with other affiliates/members... Private Enterprises along with Bartering/Trading/Exchanges that are needed and valued get done in a community cooperative format. These attitudes, vitrues and habits are vital to a sustainable civilization... Entrepreneurs look at the WHOLE civilization and act in ways that benefit all areas in synergistic methods. Entrepreneurs instinctively comprehend the wisdom within a social and geographic Democratic Compound Republic Consent of the Governed design that empowers a well-regulated sustainable system necessary for a free and prosperous civilization. (This is often termed as the 1 - 10s - 100s - 1000s, et cetera = individuals - families - townships - counties - states.... When all functions harmonically and prosperously at local levels there is harmony and prosperity in the whole system. This system also includes working with multi-generations where Words Of Wisdom about what has and has not created desired results, help us to make wise choices, and wise corrections if we get off course. This is why the letters IN WOW are often used to describe many of our activities.

IN WOW Orientation Sessions are hosted on the Interenet and at location meetups. - Place and time are emailed and posted in the IN Skype Team Room.

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This Entrepreneur Level provides MANY tools to use in your Internet Virtual Office to build fortunes on the Internet and in physical realms...

In working with Ideal Network Tier One Members it is clear that most trading values flow from working with entrepreneurs who are already living consciously and know that all entrepreneurs need and desire methods for easily advertising their goods and services. Nothing happens until sales occur. Sales is trading values for values. Thus providing THIS is the FIRST service offered Ideal Network Members; making it fast and easy to offer advertising and virtual real estate development tools for entrepreneurs... This is why the Ideal Entrepreneur Course offers the option to get on a FAST Track to do the FIRST project in the Ideal Developer Course. The fastest method to get on this FAST Track is by using the Youmongus Ad Network system. As said previously, get data and begin at:


As you will discover, we are always locating or designing tools for entrepreneurs, such as advertising and website improvement tools. A favorite is the fun and easy to use "Youmongus Slide Movie Maker" to put on Internet Sites, like you build beginning with Phase 2 and 3 of Building Fortunes Templates (included in your Building Fortunes Tool Box)... These add attention-getters on your websites... IF you have been attending Building Fortunes webinars, you already discovered many of these tool while working with the Ad Networks Project...

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Within the Ideal Entrepreneur and Developer Courses are studies about economy and economics as an accounting system, from home management to the global realms. There is great interest in postings by Mike Montagne at relative to this topic."From its 1968 inception, mathematically perfected economy™ is the long-standing original proof both of the root cause of the present global monetary failure, and of an inherently singular monetary solution — fully rectifying the terminal monetary condition of the world not only immediately, but even virtually without cost."

Mike Montagne observed: "... we deny ourselves the words even to appropriately contemplate whatever might save us."

Mike offers some helpful word definitions in relation to ecomony, at ...

Here is 2 words that explains why words often can enslave:

Kleptocracy :

1 : abuse of political power to steal from a country's resources;

2 : a usually unofficial permutation of a government subject to fraudulent control, which deploys corruption to expand the personal wealth and to extend the political power of a ruling class which usurps rightful power for these purposes;

3 : rule by thieves;

4 : collectively, kleptocrats.


obfuscate = render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible : the spelling changes will deform some familiar words and obfuscate their etymological origins. bewilder (someone) : it is more likely to obfuscate people than enlighten them.

DERIVATIVES: obfuscation as a noun - obfuscatory as an adjective

ORIGIN late Middle English : from late Latin obfuscat- ‘darkened,’ from the verb obfuscare, based on Latin fuscus ‘dark.’