Ideal Network Developer

Ideal Network Developer And Connector

Is a LEADERSHIP position designed to inspire Ideal Communities... Actions include:

  • Organize and Promote local individual and community Ideal Projects;
  • Sponsor and Mentor Ideal Entrepreneurs and Ideal Mentors (receive commissions as stated previously);
  • Add Content to and other Community Websites and Forums provided by Ideal Network access via
  • Sustain LOCAL Ideal Network Online Directory
  • Sell and Receive Commissions from local advertising and building websites (easy-to-use templates provided)
  • Facilitate Matching interests and skills with niches and jobs
  • Inspire employers to implement apprenticeship programs to educate employees in skills needed for tasks to be accomplished
  • Explore local interest for developing Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)

Bernard Lietaer Currencies Expert observed: "... I have spent all my life looking for the highest leverage place for improving all other systems. And I have found that MONEY is it. It is a key acupuncture point when it comes to addressing most things we human beings care about such as having access to good quality health care, nutrition, housing and education and participating meaningfully to the life of our communities through work we enjoy." - Explore URL:

Knowledge, skills and other tool to be a prosperous Ideal Developer are achieved from do preceding Courses... When ready apply to be included in next Ideal Developer Course.

Keeping Claim requires sustaining Ideal Mentor and Supporting Membership status and update courses to maintain Ideal Developer Certification.

Orientation requires 8 hours which includes learning how to post data to YOUR Community Agora Domain and Local Forum which are within a Joomla CMS.

AFTER Orientation, begin earning commissions from local services provided such as advertising on Community Agora Domain and websites created for clients.

Certification granted after completing requirements.

Sustain Certification and commissions from community activities by active service to community, at least 2 Hours Weekly at Update Briefings via Internet Conferencing, plus:

  • Must maintain a LOCAL store front and meeting location for Ideal Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Ideal Developer Cooperative Services
  • Must participate as Ideal Network Supporting Member and be active in Ideal Mentor Program
  • Must use Ideal Marketing-Sales Mechanism that includes all components in Ideal Portfolio 101 for both training and mechanisms to DO Online and Off line Marketing/Sales Consulting, and inspire-educare OTHERS to DO the SAME.

Being an Ideal Developer is a LEADERSHIP role that includes personally doing and working with others in community to do lots of fun, meaningful, and profitable ever-expanding types of projects, including:

  • Tourism Learning Guide and Facilitator Certification Courses... (Bring attention to and show off your area's beauty and uniqueness).
  • Profit from selling Courses, and inspiring development of NEW courses, at all levels within IDEAL Internet and Local Academies.
  • Organize NEW Internet and LOCAL IDEAL Communities and Academies.
  • Receive commissions from ever-expanding Agora Advertising within the community.
  • Access to Ever-More Courses On All Levels that increase skills and open more streams of income.

The smart way to predict the future is to DO the actions that CREATE the current with sustainable ideals.

WHAT in MY area is worth keeping and promoting???? --- WHO are Skilled Crafters and Artisans in YOUR Local Area???? -- i.e.
What will survive and thrive????
SHARE in Ideal Community Forum (access provided to Ideal Network Supporters)

Together we inspire escape from current destructive memes to create ever-better conditions toward IDEAL conditions.

NOTE: This learning and application process is designed to be time-acquisition flexible... meaning progress as fast or slow according to personal preferences... With serious full-time due-diligence (40 hours per week) learning and applications of the process, a person can BE generating major profits is 6 months.

THE potentials from using this Ideal Network system are as great as (and maybe even greater than) FaceBook and Google, because this Ideal Network Project goes FAR beyond the activities that can be done anywhere else!!! ... These potentials inspire some Ideal Networkers to use the initials IN and refer to ourselves as the IN Team (to indicate we are unique)... Although it is cool (kewl) to be part of an IN Team who are INsiders using Ideal INformation to do IN Projects, remember that when you see IN it really means Ideal Network...

How To Details about IN Projects are provided during interactions with IN online postings, live interactive webinars and local meetups.... Basic IN Factors are provided in the following Overview!

Among the first IN Factors to notice is that there are many methods to EARN MONEY !!... Money IS the life-blood within any community... We must have sound methods for creating art of living goods and services, along with a sound medium of exchange for bartering and trading the excess fruits of our labor...

Another IN factor is that we endorse high standards for family-friendly and eco-friendly behavior... We innately live UP to (or down to) the expectations of our self AND others we interact with.

Another IN factor is what has become known as the "Pay It Forward" process built into our interactions... Learn then pass on the information and skills... EARN then INVEST in local projects that create ever-better conditions... In the process of our activities we inspire others to create wealth, and then invest wisely in sustainable family and environmentally friendly enterprises... This Pay It Forward Process is the heart of what is known as "affiliate marketing", which PUMPS goods, services, and money through the community. This is why IN Membership and the IN Educare System upon an "affiliate-style operating-system" that rewards those who make referrals... The How-Tos of this system are presented in LIVE interactive educare sessions online and off line.

Another very important IN factor... It might already have been noticed that there are 2 cyberspace components to the domain -- the MONEY Attracting Referral-Affiliate Component, and the Community/Interactions/Interests Component....

(1) The page currently being read is the MONEY Attracting side. This component is created using what is known as the ButterFly Script that creates the referral/affiliate URL part of the IN domain... This component is where to enroll as an IN Affiliate. - GET your UNIQUE ID coded URL to pass-on to others. - Get information for the IN Referral Business side... WHEN poeple enroll from YOUR Unique ID and make purchases, you receive MONEY (commissions)!

(2) The Community/Interactions/Interests Component is hosted on many SUB-domains designed for creating interactive cyberspaces for each LOCAL community and interests... These local Subdomains are managed and content added by local Ideal Network Members... LOCAL people KNOW the area and have a vested interest in creating IDEAL Conditions... Access begins with (Clicking opens URL in a NEW tab or browser.)... These sub-domains are created on a Joomla CMS (Content Management System) using several extensions and modules that empower doing many functions such as hosting:

  • Articles,
  • Forums for social and business networking,
  • Live text-chat to instantly connect with whoever might be AT the site with the text-chat also open,
  • Calendars on which to post your events,
  • Directories, advertising, and whatever else our imagination inspires...
  • All these functions so you can easily know what is available relevant to the local community for THAT Subdomains currently connected to...

NOTE 1: You MUST register at EACH IN sub-domain to participate with functions in that IN community.
NOTE 2: You can have as many IN sub-domains TABS OPEN in a browser at the same time, as the amount of tabs allowed by that browser.
NOTE 3: There are interactive sub-domains for affiliates and developers.

In addition to the cyberspace aspects, every community is encouraged to have LOCAL face-to-face functions... including store front enterprises, learning and activities centers, intentional communities, etc.

Please keep the above mentioned factors in mind while RE-reading this Membership Overview and other information within the Ideal Network...