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Free Members in the Ideal Network may participate in MANY WOW moments during Webinars Of Wisdom sharing Words Of Wisdom and value-creative projects; such as explained in the following Overview and in "Best Of The Web" TAB in the TOP Menu... WOW projects includes the following FAST life-empowering wealth generating projects:


Building Freedom and Fortunes with a Common Sense Course to create your own economy, your way. Gain Iron-Grip Control of personal finances ... Two methods are to Learn How to Sell to People Who DESIRE Exactly What You Offer and get paid direct to your Paypal account for ads sold. Every business must advertise. Now we have 2 options to the Ideal Ad Network - giving free ads AND earning money selling ads!

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You get lots OF FREE WEALTH CREATING TOOLS with these programs, including Leads Management System and information about How To Be Successful in Manifesting Personal Visions.

These (if these are on your wish list) provide fast track to being an Ideal Developer and having a sub-domain on the Ideal Network AND opportunity to participate with

Healthy Habits Cafes and Cooperative -

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Scroll down this page to mentally SCAN the Contents so that the brain can quickly SEE the integrated picture. When the picture is clearly known, then it is much easier to locate the elements (puzzle pieces) that create the picture. After scanning this document into the brain, then scroll back to the beginning to read the instructions and doing the actions to start consciously collecting the puzzle pieces to assemble an ideal lifestyle. While proceeding along this information acquiring and applying line, STAY at the point of clarity. IF confusion begins, return to the point of clarity and begin moving forward again. Email and/or ASK questions to gain clarity and make progress in achieving the desired results at daily "Tech Help" online sessions (schedule provided to active members). - Remember one of the elements in the BE and DO process to Having is ASK to Receive. - - BE and DO to HAVE.

The FREE Level of Membership provides a RISK-Free opportunity to explore a safe direct line to having access to where to find all the forms of wealth that are desired. It is common knowledge that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. This Ideal Straight Line is created using an Informative Directly Engaging Ascension LINE for exploring what benefits might be gained from participating with an Ideal Network of life-empowering value-creative wealth-creators. By using this IN information line it will quickly be discovered that Supporting Members, Affiliates, Apprentices, Entrepreneurs, Connectors and Developers within the Ideal Network gain MANY value-creative benefits from participating, and then begin creating ever-more values to flow into the Ideal Network. It will be discovered that this IN System opens the pathway to engaging with the Ideal Lineage of those who create ideal conditions in which to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH in what could be labeled as "Paradise On Earth", which begins by first learning how to create a Personal Paradise Within and then in our Individual Living Spaces. The LIGHT from this Ideal Paradise Within then reflects outward creating ideal conditions the self and others can enjoy. The most often comments of appreciation revolve around the opportunity to learn how to inspire the self and others who are NOT NOW living an Ideal Lifestyle, to take a Fresh Approach, to LOOK at CURRENT Lifestyle Choices being made from a different perspective. With this fresh approach comes many realizations about why conditions are the way they are, along with obvious solutions to create ever-better conditions. Sudden knowledge leaps into awareness as the power of consciousness is allowed to function. Applying fresh approach methods often get labeled as "Possibility Thinking", or "What if ____ Master Minding" that stimulates actions to create ideal solutions where they are needed.

Generally the first awareness are about why so few are living ideal lifestyles, why some individual's Dreams Manifested, and why some individual's dream withered and died. In the process of exploring with new awareness about reality, we discover how working with the Ideal Network methodologies is extremely helpful with creating Ever-Better Conditions in which to live, love and be happy.... This fresh approach reveals how easy it can be to create Ideal LifeStyles!

Those arriving at this site who participate with the Build Freedom Network will quickly recognize the Advanced Freedom Technologies integrated into the courses. You already KNOW that among the first benefits gain from participating with the Ideal Network will be learning how the Human Brain and Consciousness functions, along with learning about the disease that destroys consciousness, that is labeled as mysticism, and how to eliminate and avoid this horrible disease. You already know why it is more important to know HOW To Think, than What To Think. Because when I know how to think, I will always be able to figure out what to think to create desired results. You already know WHY people are discouraged (and often prevented) from learning how to think skills.

Terry Greco, an enthusiastic Ideal Network participant, is fond of using the phrase "conscious versus convenience," indicating that often there is conscious awareness about a problem and its solution; BUT, unfortunately, it is just not convenient to do the thinking and tasks required to have the solution. Laziness, easily recognized by the "Yes, but ____" excuse-making comments an individual makes, is an ever present challenge for many people. This laziness is very dangerous because laziness opens the door to looters and invites the looters in.

The Ideal Network will seldom be attractive to the "Yes BUT____" excuse makers... The Ideal Network is VERY attracting to "How To" _____ Thinkers... We ask questions, then listen for the answers and look for clues. Most How To Thinkers become an Intergrated Thinker who enjoy solving mysteries and seeking ever-better and even ideal solutions. Most delight in looking for and identifying puzzle-pieces, and then putting puzzle pieces into their appropriate place to create the picture. - - We are curious. We are explorers. We love asking Why and How questions. - - HOW do we with fully-integrated-honesty face problems, discover solutions, then courageously and eagerly do the work to achieve the desired results? - - Together we discover how to be SELF-leaders and integrated conscious thinkers who work harmonically with others seeking answers and inspiring each other to do the actions. This fresh approach to independence and interdependence co-optalism (= cooperative capitalism), which stimulates ideal conditions for all to enjoy! ....


The following are more projects to consider....


Daily NeoThink® TeleConference Meetings

Click on the above hot-link, then click "Meetings" ad on the Internet site that opens in a new tab... Also while at that URL click on the "HOME" button in the top Right and read the "Nugget"... This first project is the STRAIGHT LINE to accessing the WISDOM for having an IDEAL LifeStyle and all other forms of wealth, including Ideal Families and Ideal Communities! - Paid Membership in the NeoThink Society may be used as a qualifier for Ideal Network Supporting Membership... Just let us know you are an Active Neothink® Member.

NT Teleconferences

Value Added Creations -



Internet Niche Labs where individual discover and develop personal passions and essences. We learn how to earn many forms of wealth from doing what we LOVE TO DO. - Click here for details.


Are you aware of the value-creative power in using a Personally Branded Social Media? - - Sustainable Life, Liberty and Luxury REQUIRE Growing and KEEPING Value-Creative Life-Protective Relationships..

This Smart Media project began with My University on an individual's personal computer, then moved into Home Page Pays (the page you set to open when you open your Internet Browser), and now into a personal vitual domain. This occurred because the project quickly evolved into an integrated community growing system, that is known as YOBSN = Your Own Branded Social Network. This follows the genetic designed survival lineage of memetics and methods, meaning that we each are born from a parent, creating our first "couple" and "family" survival information network. This stimulates each of us to innately seek to create and sustain loving supportive safety couplings and networks (extended families, cooperatives, tribes, teams, et cetera). = Our survival and replication system of Genes, Memes, Teams. - - Always remember: Growing and KEEPING loving life-supportive relationships is REQUIRED for sustainable living.


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