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As will be discovered, there are many participation options within this Ideal Network whole-life system. All options are designed to easily DO the actions required to HAVE true liberty, prosperity, health, happiness, and all other forms of life-empowering wealth... Read through information within each module linked below this short presentation, to learn some of the current options... Notice that you can participate in many options at the same time... To make it easy to learn about and use these options, Membership Categories are connected to IN Course Categories, and named as:

Participating in the courses reveals that Surviving and Thriving requires doing these roles. To make it easy, fun, and rewarding to learn the necessary skills, there are EARN while LEARNING Methods attached to each role in courses offered within the Ideal Academy that is integrated into the Ideal Network.

Whether or not these Membership Category "terms" are currently consciously being used, THESE "word labels" point to and connect with ROLES each successful human being MUST BE and DO to HAVE desired results! - - Unfortunately throughout human history, these are roles that have been left to be learned mostly by luck and happenstance "stumble into" learning how to do.

Although institutions like modern churches and schools have attempted to provide this knowledge, it is NOT possible for their disconnected from real life methods function to provide an integrated skills development and application system.

The following overview introduces how to CONSCIOUSLY know about these roles so as to make wise choices and integrate them into creating an ideal lifestyle ... NOW it is easy for parents to connect with this integrated learning process for their self and their children early in life. NOW is it easily to achieve these skills by doing IN courses at the speed each person desires to have the benefits each category creates.

It will quickly be discovered that Individuals working in FAMILY Units and Home-Gardens is the CORE success engineering dynamic within the Ideal Network. It is a simple fact that: As the family goes, so goes the society. - - IF an individual does NOT currently have a sound family unit in which to live and work, then it can be easy to find or grow this desired Ideal Family within the Ideal Network.


NOTE: IF you already have products and services to promote, you may use the FAST Track to getting your self known in the Ideal Network by connecting into the Building Fortunes System, the IN Directory at the Ideal Academy site, and the Ideal Ads Network.

Get aboard the Success Train running on the Fast Track to having all forms of wealth from using projects listed in the Best of the Web (access in TOP Menu).

We are growing a fully-integrated NETWORK of learning courses and application projects that "walk the talk" of creating ideal conditions throughout society. In a libertarian society, we innately know we must learn to play nice nice in our sandboxes... We innately know there is NO need to reinvent the wheels to put on our vehicle, so it can take us where we desire to go. We naturally go through life using a What Works For Me Plug and Play System . Freedom stimulates explorations with instant feed-back feed-forward cause and effect connections. We quickly learn hot things can burn and cold things can freeze. The Art Of Living in a free society is simple; it is slavery that creates complex complicated chaos with no rhyme or reason.


Remember in a Free MarketPlace, CUSTOMERS decide what type wheels and what type vehicle to buy... Participants decide who is IN and who is OUT of the IN Network.


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