Welcome to the IN Place for all who desire to Live and
Love in Liberty, Light and Luxury.

The purpose is for EVERY community and world of interest to have an Internet sub-domain on the Ideal Network platform. The domains are personalized by their site developer(s) with content about the LOCAL area, along with advertising and trading post data.

This will make it easy for self-responsible, honest, honorable individuals, families, and our enterprises, to harmonically and value-creatively interact and work together actually creating ideal conditions in which to live.

Many domains will also be connected with a physical IN Place, that serves as a LOCAL Ideal LifeStyle Educare and Health-Care Center. Can you imagine the creative power from having the best of best within all Local Communities, and all Communities of Interests, featured on ONE integrated operating system and easily accessed from one portal ? Can you feel the bright lightning bolts of creativity generated from each ideal showcasing its unique ideal qualities? Can you see the values created when ideas have easy affordable access to the free marketplace where end-users, clients, and customers decide the values and worth? - - Self-ownership, Self-leadership, Self-responsibility, are at core of the Ideal Network.


The IDEAL Network creates HELP Services and the IN Place where individuals are empowered to reclaim innate freedoms and generate fortunes from many choices that are available from open-source interactions locally, globally, and even universally. There is NOT a shortage of wealth-generating options... There is a shortage of ways to connect individual's abilities, skills, and essences with the options. This is solved with the IDEAL Network system. In unity of purpose we also create and sustain life-empowering ideal conditions, we protect ourselves from loss of individual life, liberty, identity and self-governing skills. When we individually think and act with sustainable healthy habits, we keep intact the unique diversity of the individual and genius potentials. We learn how to think and gain skills to work in harmonic peaceful co-existence to achieve clearly defined IDEAL purposes. BY NETWORKING we create powerful alliances that generate abundance for all. We begin with a clear philosophy by defining:


IDEAL = I Do Everything Around Life, Love, Liberty, Laughter, Language, Learning, Local, Libertarianism, Luxury, Law, Logic, Longevity, Leveraging Symbiotic Relationships, Laissez-faire Labor-creations, Landscaping, Legacy, Light... while applying IDEALS = I Delightfully Enjoy Avoiding Laziness, Lures, Lies and Looters Safely.


The Ideal Network and Local IN Places are NOW possible because ever-more individuals can consciously transmute energy into forms and functions of sustainable ideal conditions in which to live and love in liberty and luxury from doing our individual labor.